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“The world can be a dangerous place.  Whether you are a senior government official, business leader or a celebrity, you need highly-trained people to watch your back.  When I was Director of Central Intelligence, I relied on Mike and his colleagues to keep me and my family safe around the world. In The Protected, Mike provides invaluable insights and intelligent perspectives into the world of personal protection.”

George Tenet, Former Director, Central Intelligence Agency

“Mike has effectively framed the many complexities that are essential for any international close protection professional to know and for those needing protection to consider. Enlightening yet straightforward and entertaining, Mike’s manner and style are as unique as his insights and experiences—from his days in the Air Force Security Forces to the CIA and beyond.”

Brigadier General Richard A. Coleman, (Ret.) Director, Air Force Security Forces

“Mike’s intimate experience with international close protection is evident throughout The Protected. He provides numerous interconnected topics and perspectives to assist individual practitioners, organizations and special units with the responsibility of protecting others. His insights on those who provide this personal service is revealing and inspiring, which is why the friendship forged between our two special units has lasted for more than 30 years.”

Horst Mehlinger, German Special Police,
Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK), Chief Training Instructor (Ret.)

The Protected is an excellent resource guide for those seeking to pursue a career in executive protection. However, of equal or greater importance is the benefit it will provide to principals that find themselves embarking upon a role that requires close protection. Mike has uniquely blended operational accounts in a way that provides practical lessons, helps to reduce misconceptions and improve operational effectiveness and safety.”

Jeffrey Miller, Former SVP and Chief Security Officer for the NFL, and Commissioner, Pennsylvania State Police (Ret.)

The Protected clearly illustrates both the rewards and risks that come with our growing reliance on technology to aid in protection.  Mike's detailed and insightful look at cybersecurity makes this a must-read for those in the world of Executive Protection.”

Marie O’Neill Sciarrone, Former Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Senior Director for Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Policy

“A thought-provoking look into the world of protecting VIP's. Trott has done a wonderful job in laying out what you need to think about in putting together a protection team for your family or company. The Protected shines a light on the good and bad of the business.”

Fred Burton, New York Times best-selling author, Former Special Agent, U.S. State Department, Diplomatic Security

“Mike’s years of experience and knowledge of security drivers are both evident in his book. The chapter on security driving effectively outlines the risks associated with executive transportation, and Mike defines those risks and offers suggestions on how they can be mitigated. In my opinion, The Protected is a must-read for all involved in secure transportation.”

Tony Scotti, Executive Vice President, Vehicle Dynamics Institute,
and Founder, International Security Driver Association

The Protected provides an in-depth and relatable view of the many challenges concerning the ever-changing complexities of protecting individuals. Even though executive protection can be very complicated, Mike's insight, experience and clarity provide an excellent protective operational resource for the profession. His interesting reflections add a depth of perspective which also remind us of our own experiences.”

Bill Hackenson, Supervisory Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service (Ret.)

“Mike combines his lifetime experience as a protector with a perceptive understanding of the many simple to complex threats that challenge the safety and security of the protectee. With keen insight, Mike explains the delicate balance between safeguarding and personal service. The Protected is a great resource for anyone who is called to serve and protect.” 

Kathy Leodler, Special Agent, FBI (Ret.), CEO Rampart Group

“Mike is one of the most professional and experienced security operatives I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout my career. The Protected will be considered an international ‘must read’ for many years to come regarding the complexities surrounding Executive Protection.”

Anders de la Motte, International Best Selling Author, Former Swedish Police Officer


Former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management

“A fascinating look into the rarefied world of personal protection. Mike’s stories are as riveting as any work of fiction but the fact that they are true makes them all the more compelling.  It is of interest to anyone who is concerned about our national or economic security and the important role continuity of leadership plays in both realms. And, beyond that, it’s just a darn good read!”