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“In The PROTECTED, Mike provides invaluable insights and intelligent perspectives into the world of personal protection.”

George Tenet
Former Director
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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An Informative and Strategic View
Inside the World of Executive Protection


By Michael W. Trott




The Protected is a rare look into the professional realm of Executive Protection from the personal accounts of an international practitioner who has dedicated over 30 years of his life protecting others. It is written for all levels of interest and includes the many operational and human complexities that are encompassed in this global profession. The book breaks down the Who, What, When, Where and perhaps most importantly, the “Why” in the world of Executive Protection.

Presidents, government and political figures, corporate executives, celebrities, the powerful elite, and the extremely wealthy have all required various levels of personal protection. The Protected is a professional memoir that provides executives, principals and security professionals the information necessary for building a sustainable protective program. To become professional in the world of close protection, it takes years of training, travel, success, failures and many lessons learned.  

In The Protected the author recounts the personal journey he took to gain his experiences and perspectives in a profession that very few get the opportunity to see inside.  

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The Author

Michael Trott is a respected and accomplished international security and intelligence professional with over 30 years of combined military, CIA, Fortune 100 and private sector experience serving corporations and ultra-high net wealth principals and their families.  Traveling and operating in over 90 countries and living abroad for more than a decade of his career, he continues to provide confidential advice and assistance to a diverse group of international clients.

“the protected shines a light on the good and bad of the business”

Fred Burton, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Former Special Agent, U.S. State Department, Diplomatic Security


A “must read” for not only those requiring protection but also for a fascinating understanding of those dedicated to protecting others.




Enlightening yet straightforward and entertaining, Mike’s manner and style are as unique as his insights and experiences—from his days in the Air Force Security Forces to the CIA and beyond.

Brigadier General Richard A. Coleman, (Ret.)
Director, Air Force Security Forces

“Mike has uniquely blended operational accounts in a way that provides practical lessons, helps reduce misconceptions and improves operational effectiveness and safety.” 

Jeffrey Miller, former SVP and Chief Security Officer for the NFL
and retired Commissioner, Pennsylvania State Police (Ret.)

“Mike's detailed and insightful look at cybersecurity makes this a must-read for those in the world of Executive Protection.” 

Marie O’Neill Sciarrone, former Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Senior Director for Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Policy

“Mike’s insights on those who provide this personal service is revealing and inspiring, which is why the friendship forged between our two special units has lasted for more than 30 years.”

Horst Mehlinger, German Special Police,
Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK), Chief Training Instructor (Ret.)

“Mike’s years of experience and knowledge of security drivers are both evident in his book. In my opinion, The Protected is a must-read for all involved in secure transportation.” 

Tony Scotti, Executive Vice President, Vehicle Dynamics Institute,
and Founder, International Security Driver Association

“Mike's insight, experience and clarity provide an excellent protective operational resource for the profession. His interesting reflections add a depth of perspective which also remind us of our own experiences.” 

Bill Hackenson, Supervisory Special Agent,
U.S. Secret Service (Ret.)

“With keen insight, Mike explains the delicate balance between safeguarding and personal service. The Protected is a great resource for anyone who is called to serve and protect.”

Kathy Leodler, Special Agent, FBI (Ret.),
former Corporate Security Director

“The Protected will be considered an international ‘must read’ for many years to come regarding the complexities surrounding Executive Protection today, and tomorrow.”

Anders de la Motte, International Best Selling Author,
International Security Consultant and Former Swedish Police Officer

The Protected by Michael Trott.

“…a darn good read!”

Joan Dempsey, Former Deputy Director
of Central Intelligence for Community Management